Pass the ASE Test on with our 3,000 Question Simulation Program

Questions Include (A1-A8) Car/Light Truck 3,000 Questions Simulator Software. Includes: A1 Engine Repair, A2 Automatic Transmission, A3 Manual Drivetrain, A4 Steering & Suspension, A5 Brakes, A6 Electronic/Electrical Systems, A7 Heating & A/C, A8 Engine Performance

100% Money Back Guarantee. Pass the test or 100% of your money back.
If you do not pass using our system, you may return the program for your money back within 30 days of your test date.

Based on material, requirements and content outlines only from (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) specifically for the 2011 ASE Test. The questions and answers are comprehensive and only cover information required for passing the ASE Test Only.

The Software Questions are updated for 2011. They reflect recent additions and changes to the recommended study outlines.

All questions created by experienced engineers and protected on United States Copyright with our company. Contact Us to stop illegal distribution of our questions.

The Program creates 50 question, multiple-choice based test sets drawing material from the following domains:

A1 Engine Repair, A2 Automatic Transmission, A3 Manual Drivetrain, A4 Steering & Suspension, A5 Brakes, A6 Electronic/Electrical Systems, A7 Heating & A/C, A8 Engine Performance


The Timer gives users 90 mins to complete each exam.

  You have the Edge! You now have an "insider’s view" of the ASE Test in every detail, in the exact Environment and patterns as test day! Gain Confidence and reduce study time.

  3,000 Total Questions. Unique, no 2 questions are the same. The largest unique database of questions in one program. See Screenshots. See Sample Questions.

Questions are Situational and Complex. No Easy Questions, NO True/False Questions, NO Questions outside of
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence recommendations. See Sample Questions.

"Two Timers®" with on/off functions! You have a choice of a "per question" timer ( 1.8 minutes per question) to track your time usage per question and a "per exam" timer (90 minutes per exam) which displays time left for the entire exam. Learn to manage your exam time.
Answer Display Functions. Option to Display the answers after each question or all answers at the end of the exam. Real time practice exam results help reduce study time and effort. See Screenshots.
  Explanations: The rationale of the correct answer is explained to help you understand why the answer is correct.
  Development. Developed by a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, board members, instructors, students, consultants, programmers, editors and project managers whom have a combined total of 163 years of experience. The question development and programming itself took over 22 months to develop. Members writing, revising, editing questions. Programmers adding each question, answer and explanation into the program, ensuring it works and testing it. 

  Mark for Review Feature. Not sure about an answer? Don't let it take up all your time. Use "Mark for review" (skip it) and it will display again at the end of the exam so you can try again.  
  Results Review. When you have completed the exam your percentage score will be calculated, based on National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence scaled scoring of 70 percent or greater
(like the real exam) required to pass.

  Questions Randomize / Or Show in the same order each time. Questions will show in a different order each time you start an exam. So you won’t get familiar with the answers. Set in the options screen how you want the questions to show. For example exam 10 has a database of 50 questions. If Randomize questions is selected, that 50 question database will show the questions in a different order each time. If "show in the same order each time is selected, the questions will display in the same order every time you start exam 10, or any of the other exams. See Screenshots for options screen.

  Print. Print out your results showing the questions and correct answer for study on the go.
  Not Online only. This software installs on your computer, and conveniently runs as a program. No internet connection required to access exams.

  Accelerate your learning curve! You can pass the ASE Test with minimal study time and effort. Days or Weeks instead of Months! You are strategically laser targeting your study efforts by studying in the exact way questions will be presented on the exam.

  The program NEVER expires or becomes limited in any way. Be careful of other simulators with 3-6 month use time, which become unusable after your use time expires. Our program is yours to keep forever, it never expires.

  No tricky or complex licensing issues. Students are allowed to install on multiple computers (laptop,home,work,etc) for their own study purposes only.

99.6% Pass rate. 99.6% of our Students pass the exam their first time.


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 Program is Not Compatible with MAC. Program Works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7.


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Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista
Not Compatible with MAC

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"I was short of time and I didn't believe I can pass it on the first try. I did not have heavy automotive experience but using this was key to learning quickly what I needed to know."
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